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School Lunches

Lunch money will be collected on Monday during homeroom in the classroom.  Checks should be made out to Flintville School Cafeteria. Checks may be written for more than the exact amount due for lunches.  The additional amount will be placed in the student's account and may be used to purchase additional food, juice, milk, or pay for extra days.  Students who have siblings within the school may pay with one check.  Students are not allowed to charge more than 5 lunches.  Money may be added to accounts online.

Breakfast is served each day from 7:00 until 7:30 A.M.

Breakfast prices are:

     Reduced - $0.30

     Full pay - $1.25

     Teachers and Staff - $1.50

     Visitors - $2.00

Lunch prices are:

     Reduced - $0.40

     Full pay - $2.20

     Teachers and Staff - $3.25

     Visitors - $3.50

     Ice Cream $0.30 and $0.60

     Milk $0.50

     Juice $0.50

These prices are subject to change.

Free and reduced lunches are available for students who qualify.  Applications for these must be made to the principal.  All students must pick up a free/reduced lunch application.  All applications must be turned in 10 days from the day school starts.

Free and Reduced Lunches:

According to the US Government Guidelines Students applying for free or reduced lunches must have applications submitted to the Lunchroom within 10 days of the start of school. If these applications have not been  received within the designated time period, students must pay full price (2.20) for lunches and (1.25) for breakfast.

All Ala Carte items will increase due to increase in food prices.

Everyone will go to the cafeteria during their lunch time, even if they are not eating. No one will be allowed to remain in the hall or classroom during lunch.

No food may be carried out of the lunchroom.

No glass bottles will be allowed in the building.

Rule 0520-1-6-.04 in the Child Nutirtion Program states the following standards regarding beverages served:

   (a) Beverages that can be offered for sale in school include the following:

      1. Fluid milk that is flavored or unflavored; is reduced fat, low fat, or skim/non-fat; and meets state and local standards for pasteurized fluid milk and/or USDA approved alternative dairy beverages.

      2. Beverages that are 100% fruit and vegetable juices

      3. Water that is non-flavored, non-sweetened, and non-carbonated

      4. Low calorie beverages (includes flavored, sweetened, and non-caffeinated water) that are flavored, non-carbonated beverages, containing no additional caloric sweeteners and no more than 15 calories per serving.

Inaccordance with the Child Nutrition Program rule 0520-1-6-.04 there will be no sodas/carbonated beverages allowed in the cafeteria during lunch.

Policy on Charging of Meals 

This policy on charging school meals shall be effective on July 1, 2012, and shall remain in effect until such time that it is revised.  All Lincoln County School Cafeterias shall allow charging of school meals and shall observe the following policy on charging of meals: Students may charge a maximum of five (5) meals to their account.  "Meal" refers to an individual breakfast and/or lunch. Once the 5 meal maximum has been met, the student shall be offered/served an alternate meal.  The alternate meal shall be either a reimbursable cold meal from the cafeteria for which full-paid or reduced meal charges will continue to accrue, or a non-reimbursable meal determined by the principal of the school or his/her designee.  The principal in each school shall determine the type of alternate meal to be offered in his/her school.

The cafeteria informs parents/guardians of negative balances via letter stating amount owed.  School Administration may exercise the option to give these students an opportunity to contact a parent/guardian to obtain enough funds to pay off negative balances and to place funds on their account or to pay cash for future meals.  In addition, a la carte items will not be sold to any student owing outstanding charges.

All reasonable efforts will be made to collect unpaid charges.

This policy was approved by the Lincoln County School Board on June 4, 2012.