Healthy Tips for Back to School
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Thursday, July 25, 2013
If you are looking for back to school health tips, you are in the right place!

If you are looking for back to school health tips, you are in the right place! Whether it is the first day at a new school or your chiild is going back to a familiar place with familiar people, it's a good idea to help them prepare for the transition from summer fun to school work. These back to school health tips can help you help your child be healthy and happy this school year.

Maintain a regular bedtime

Due to a less flexible schedule and longer daylight hours, most kids get into a summertime habit of staying up late. Begin now to get your kids into the great back to school habit of going to bed at the same time every night. If they are not tired, encourage them to read in bed or listen to an educational CD.

Initiate a "Before Bed Routine"

Go a step further and list 3-5 tasks that your kids can do each night before bed (in the same order each night) to make the school year easier. You could include tasks such as cleaning out and re-packing the backpack, laying out tomorrow's clothes, brushing teeth and other hygiene duties, and packing lunch.

Eat a healthy breakfast

It's time to kick the habit of sleeping half the day and then munching on sugar coated cereal or leftover pizza upon arising. Get your kids into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast early in the mornings before they go back to school. You could bake a giant weekly batch of muffins to freeze, provide healthy cereal and skim milk, keep the fruit bowl full, and teach your older children how to boil oats or grits. If your family is really short on time in the mornings, try freezing breakfast burritos, pre-made biscuits and pancakes, and cooked eggs.

Don't procrastinate with homework

Your children need to have the stability and security that comes with accomplishing what's necessary before what's fun. Don't allow them to goof off and then stay up all night finishing assignments (or not doing them at all). Set up an afternoon time that includes homework, exercise/activity, and a healthful snack if needed.

Keep the clutter down

This school year encourage your kids to clean out their backpacks and lockers on a regular basis. Get rid of trash, an d process other paperwork by filing it, adding notices to your family calendar, and getting assignments completed early. Provide bins or baskets for your kids to deposit correspondence between parents and teachers, assignments requiring parental assistance/involvement, and notices of events coming up.

All of these are healthy back to school tips will get your school year off to a great start!