LCDOE Mission & Vision Statements

LCDOE Mission Statement

The mission of the Lincoln County School System, in partnership with parents, teachers, and the community, is to provide a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for all students.

LCDOE Vision Statement

All graduates will value education, hold high expectations for themselves, and strive to be successful, responsible, and productive adults.

Flintville Mission Statement

The mission of Flintville School, in partnership with students, parents, teachers, and the community, is to provide a safe, secure, and positive learning environment in which all students can learn and thrive.

Flintville Vision Statement

We at Flintville School visualize a school where all stakeholders work collaboratively and strive continuously for excellence. 

Flintville School Beliefs

We believe:

  1. All students can reach their highest academic potential.
  2. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs who can experience success through various opportunities. 
  3. Highly-qualified teachers, paraprofessionals, other school personnel, parents, and the community must collaborate in the responsibility of promoting continual learning processes. 
  4. Research-based methods, curriculum correlated to state standards, best practices, and testing data should be utilized, under the instruction of highly qualified teachers to drive instruction in all classrooms. 
  5. We should provide a safe well-disciplined school atmosphere which will allow students the freedom to learn without fear, starting at an early age. 
  6. We should help students learn and practice the responsibility of citizenship.
  7. Motivating academic proficiency will not only foster more active learners but also more involved parents. 
  8. The school should provide opportunities for learning, assessing, self-expression, and participation in a variety of creative activities.
  9. High quality and on going professional development activities provide strategies for emphasizing timely additional assistance and improved success of the lower achieving students.